High drama

Top: Macy’s
Jeans: Gap
Flats: Boden
Scarf: Otavalo Market, Ecuador

 It’s always the best day when your shirt matches the car in the background. I planned that, guys. Srsly.

I discovered how silly I am when I first organized this outfit with corduroys, took the pictures with Mandi, went home, uploaded them to my computer, decided I HATED THOSE PANTS, decided I should stick it out anyway, edited the photos, showed them to Brian, decided again I HATE THOSE PANTS, decided to stick it out anyway, decided not to after all, changed into the pants pictured (do you recognize them?), and made Brian take new photos. This is the life of an insecure fashion blogger, friends. Good thing I liked the shirt!


Super Cincher

Tee: Heartbreakers
Jeans: Gap
Scarf: Swapped
Belt: Picky Girl
Shoes: UO
Blazer: Swapped

This post is like Superwoman, but instead of saving humans, I’m saving WAISTS, my friends! Just call me the Super Cincher–and check out the waist-to-hip proportion on this outfit!

Actually, in all seriousness, my vision for this outfit did not pan out into real life. What I imagined was something simple and monochrome: navy and grey with a cinched waist and scrunchy scarf. What I lived in real life was a scrunchy blazer! I think the key to making this outfit work next time would be a skinnier belt not cinched quite so tight. This one is elastic and wide, making it rather right. and I have such a dramatic waist that perhaps I don’t need such a dramatic belt. Your thoughts, dear readers?

Also, ANNOUNCEMENT! My next guest fashion post will be one of my besties, Morgan, here to talk about MEN’S fashion. (Ya hear that, gents? This blog is not only for the ladies!) And PS, Mo is a personal shopper at J. Crew. So stay-freaking-tuned.

Floral ease

Top: Thrifted
Pants: Gap Outlet
Shoes: J. Crew
Necklace: Swapped

 Behold the ease of a simple outfit! It’s a strange thing to say, but at the end of this 30-for-30 remix challenge, I’ve been finding it easier to create a flattering, well-balanced outfit than at the beginning. In fact, I’ve finished remixing (I’m a few days behind in posting than in wearing), but I still have a number of leftover outfits in my brain! I guess you just have to make it over the hump, right?

So throwing on this outfit was something I might have considered unflattering for some reason before the challenge, but which by now, I am happy to wear it. The colors are bright and happy, pulled out by the red necklace and yellow shoes. I think it worked better to pair with brighter accessories than bright pants, don’t you?

Today’s lesson learned: Slow and steady wins the race! Persistance is awesome.
PS – Thanks to my friend Rachel for taking pictures!


Blazing humidity

Top: Heartbreaker*
Bottoms: Gap Outlet
Blazer and Scarf: J. Crew
Shoes: Shoegasm

When I originally dreamed up this outfit, it was with my boots and my hair down, but today is one of those funny late summer days where even though the weather is cool, the humidity just hasn’t given up yet. I thought this ensemble would be weather-appropriate with a lighter shoe, without the jacket, and with my hair up, but as it turns out, within five minutes of stepping outside I was already sweating. I’ll be changing into my shorts and out of the blazer, thank-you-very-much… but that’s for another post.

Also, post 30 day remix, I want to wear this outfit with red pumps (these beauties are on my wish list), red lipstick, and my red coral necklace. Just sayin’.

Today’s lesson learned: I’m realizing how much I’m favoring simple, easy outfits with flattering lines–I can’t believe I almost didn’t include a white tee in my thirty items (can you believe it?!) but it’s turning out to be extremely versatile–and thank goodness! Because enough other items have had the shelf life of about one day.

*Yes, I swapped out one white tee for an almost-identical other white tee. Didn’t I tell you I haven’t done laundry in a long time? And if they look almost the same, it doesn’t count, right?

smiles with teeth

Top: ModCloth
Pants: Gap Outlet
Shoes: Shoegasm

My friend L recently commented that she liked this new blogging endeavor of mine, but that she wanted to see me smile. WITH TEETH!, she specified. So L, here you are, my white shinies just for you. I will try to smile more in future posts, though I can’t always promise it’ll happen. Style blogging is a hard life, my friends… it’s awkward enough taking photos in alleys and hoping no one sees you. But having to smile, too?! Well that’s almost asking too much.

Now, on to the outfit! This is the recent addition to my 30 for 30 pieces, when I realized my white button-up was an awful waste of closet space. And boy, did I ever trade up! This blue piece is flowy, soft, comfortable, bright, and most importantly, DOES NOT STRETCH AT THE BUST. Hallelujah!

Today’s lesson learned: Smiling makes you pretty. Must smile more. (Thanks L!)

Uffda (before & after, part two)

Top: Thrifted
Bottoms: Gap Outlet
Sandals: J. Crew
Glasses: Warby Parker Sinclair

As promised, Part Two of my aptly titled Before & After series is here! For those of my dear readers unfamiliar with colloquial Minnesotan, “uffda” is an exclamation often used to express surprise, astonishment, relief, and in my particular case this weekend, exhaustion and even a bit of dismay. The word comes from the Scandinavian heritage familiar to the Upper Midwest, and can be heard frequently at my family gatherings, in addition to plentiful “you betchas.” Use it wisely.

Alison’s recipe for curing a hangover: one pair of jeggings, one loose tank top, a sunny day, sandals, bacon, coffee, a ponytail, a good book, and a nap. Oh, and liberal use of the word “uffda.” Works every time!

Today’s lesson learned: Showers make you prettier. Must take time to shower, especially when about to post pictures of self to the interwebs. Uffda.