Uffda (before & after, part two)

Top: Thrifted
Bottoms: Gap Outlet
Sandals: J. Crew
Glasses: Warby Parker Sinclair

As promised, Part Two of my aptly titled Before & After series is here! For those of my dear readers unfamiliar with colloquial Minnesotan, “uffda” is an exclamation often used to express surprise, astonishment, relief, and in my particular case this weekend, exhaustion and even a bit of dismay. The word comes from the Scandinavian heritage familiar to the Upper Midwest, and can be heard frequently at my family gatherings, in addition to plentiful “you betchas.” Use it wisely.

Alison’s recipe for curing a hangover: one pair of jeggings, one loose tank top, a sunny day, sandals, bacon, coffee, a ponytail, a good book, and a nap. Oh, and liberal use of the word “uffda.” Works every time!

Today’s lesson learned: Showers make you prettier. Must take time to shower, especially when about to post pictures of self to the interwebs. Uffda.