Adventures in Thriftland

Dress: Thrifted (vintage?)
Tights: Target
Belt: Target
Shoes: Thrifted

From Al: You all remember Rachel, right? Well, since my life is getting more and more busy–and because she just so durn cute!–you might be hearing more from Rachel and other friends around here. If you’re interested in contributing to this little fashion blog–give me a holler.

Rachel says: I found this dress the same day that Alison found her beautiful bright red dress (how fabulous does she look in it, right?). On the hanger, I thought it looked like a horrible polyester mess from the the early 80’s, but when I tried it on I was converted.While I still think the pattern is a bit 80’s crazy, the jewel tone blues and purples are some of my favorites wear, and the fit is almost perfect, which is one of my favorite things about vintage clothing. What a novel concept for fit to be considered in garment construction.

This pair of shoes is one of my favorites (found on my first thrifting trip with Alison), but they are ripping at the seams. For awhile I refused to wear them in an attempt at preservation, but eventually I decided that if the inevitable end is in sight, I’m going to wear them out with flair!

Now as much as I like this dress (and vintage dresses in general), I sometime wonder how wearable the style is for regular life. I have been debating hemming this dress a couple inches and perhaps altering the neckline a bit. What do you think, to hem or not to hem?

Say no to the pants

Top: ModCloth
Pants: J. Crew
Sandals: J. Crew
Necklace: Picky Girl

Okay, that’s it, these pants are going on gone.

I love the color–and that’s encouraged me to keep hanging on to them for over ten years (ten years!!!)–but the fit, the length, and the back flippy-pockets (which you can’t see) have tipped me over the edge from indecision. Being able to see myself in full-length photos helped me to finally make this decision. They’re tight in the wrong places, loose in other place, and while they’re cropped, they stop at the wrong point on my leg. But never fear! I will doubtless be adding colorful corduroys or jeans to my shopping list for fall!

Anyway, about the outfit. I thought it would be fun to pair two bright colors with a funky necklace, and I was right! The color combination is fun and playful, and I think the necklace adds some extra kick. But the style of the pants is a little too preppy for the look, and clearly I’m not psyched about the fit. Still, I like the idea–I’ll be trying again with a look like this before fall ends.

Today’s lesson learned: It’s okay to take risks! And also, it’s okay to part with a piece of clothing that’s been in my closet for so long. These pants have accompanied me since my sophomore year of high school–1999!–and there’s some nostalgia that unquestionably goes along with tossing out one of the oldest items in my closet. But no more. We’ve had a good run, pink pants! Hopefully you will live on happily in someone else’s closet.

Shirtdress revisited

Dress: Anthropologie
Tights: (I can’t remember!)
Belt: ModCloth
Boots: Corso Como

The last time I wore this dress, I thought perhaps the leggings were a little too dark, so when I remixed it this time around, I wore my grey tights instead of the darker leggings. I have to say, I think the switch is a positive one. It’s been getting cooler here in Minneapolis, with a nip of fall in the air, ┬áso adding boots and a matching belt felt like a natural step to transition this dress from summer to fall. Had it been just a touch cooler, I would have added my navy cardigan for warmth–or maybe just a chunky wool scarf? Something in me still doesn’t quite want to cover my arms.

Either way, I like the shirtdress better this time around. Hooray! Does this mean I’m learning?! It doesn’t look like an entirely different dress, but I do feel like it looks more intentional somehow, as if I actually thought about what I was going to wear, rather than just putting on whatever I grabbed from my closet (which is what I used to do before this blog). Thus, today’s lesson learned: being thoughtful about what I’m wearing, even just making a few small changes, can entirely change the look and feel of just one article of clothing.



smiles with teeth

Top: ModCloth
Pants: Gap Outlet
Shoes: Shoegasm

My friend L recently commented that she liked this new blogging endeavor of mine, but that she wanted to see me smile. WITH TEETH!, she specified. So L, here you are, my white shinies just for you. I will try to smile more in future posts, though I can’t always promise it’ll happen. Style blogging is a hard life, my friends… it’s awkward enough taking photos in alleys and hoping no one sees you. But having to smile, too?! Well that’s almost asking too much.

Now, on to the outfit! This is the recent addition to my 30 for 30 pieces, when I realized my white button-up was an awful waste of closet space. And boy, did I ever trade up! This blue piece is flowy, soft, comfortable, bright, and most importantly, DOES NOT STRETCH AT THE BUST. Hallelujah!

Today’s lesson learned: Smiling makes you pretty. Must smile more. (Thanks L!)

quite the party (before & after part one)

Top: J. Crew
Shorts: Thrifted
Belt: Herberger’s
Bag: Thrifted
Glasses: Warby Parker Sinclair

Today’s post and tomorrow’s is going to be a phenomenal series of Before and After from my weekend. B and I went to a delightful all day party on Saturday that included brunch, the Pedal Pub, bowling, drinking, and dancing. Today’s post is “Before”. This is the outfit I wore to the party, and I loved it! High-waisted shorts, plaid shirt, boots, glasses… a great outfit for a relaxed party including mobile pubs and bowling balls.

As delightful as the party was, my post tomorrow will include what I look like post-party. And my friends, I am not nearly as fresh-faced and dewy as in these pictures. So stay tuned. This is gonna be a before&after like you’ve never seen.

Lesson learned: Any mural having to do with raccoons and deer is the best mural ever, even when it also includes PBR. Raccoons trump PBR any day.

Look Mom! It’s on sale!

Shirtdress: Anthropologie
Leggings: American Apparel
Sandals: J. Crew

Readers, I have such a hard time, when stating that I’ve bought things at Anthro, American Apparel, or J. Crew, not adding immediate parentheses afterwards making it VERY clear that I bought them ON SALE. SALE, I tell you! Not only does it feel so satisfying to purchase a great get on sale, but I have to add that with TWO of us in my household living on ONE non-profit salary (B is a med student, and yes, you now know that I work at a non-profit), I can’t very well afford buying things at full price. I just wanted you to KNOW this.

Now that I have that off my chest…

We have had such beautiful weather in Minneapolis this week that I almost started taking it for granted (ALMOST! Minnesotans NEVER take a beautiful day for granted!). It was still a nice enough day, but overcast and cooler, enough to make me long for one or two more heat waves before the summer ends. But this outfit was a nice way to still feel summery while giving the gams the extra warmth they needed. Lovely.

Lesson of the Day: Check to make sure my leggings are pulled down to the same length before taking photos. Check photos before ending photoshoot. (For pity’s sake!).