The big number 30

Top: Target
Skirt: Thrifted
Belt: ModCloth
Boots: Corso Como
Tights: I never remember wear I bought my tights!
Scarf: A street vendor in Otavalo, Ecuador

¬†Huzzah, I finally figured this skirt out! For weeks I’ve been saying I’m not sure, it’s not quite right, I don’t love it… and the magic with this skirt was just to pair it with a fitted top. Remember when I wore it this first time? It just wasn’t right, but (today’s lesson learned) it was actually really fun to fiddle around with different options and finally come up with something I like! So unlike my pink pants, which was the other questionable item of my 30-for-30 challenge, I’ll definitely be holding on to this skirt a little while longer… with my added knowledge of how to style it very much intact.

Speaking of the challenge, this is my VERY LAST OUTFIT of the challenge! Go back and count ’em, I dare you. Okay, don’t. But I do have some thoughts and reflections on what I’ve learned, and am going to be doing a round up post of the entire challenge very soon. Also, while my posts might be slowing down, I’ll still be posting outfits, so don’t go away! And PS… I think Mandi and I will be doing another 30-day challenge in a few months. Wahoo!


Brown and black

Top and Skirt: Thrifted
Scarf (as belt): was my mom’s!
Shoes: Shoegasm

Well, here is my third attempt at this skirt–what do you think? Last time I wore it I promised you all (and myself) that I would pair it with a more-fitted top. I do like it better this way, although I think the top could stand to not even be as loose as this one is. Part of the problem, I must confess, is my dwindling amount of clean clothing…

I’m fairly proud of the scarf-as-belt in this outfit. You can’t tell so well here, but there are black and white stripes in the scarf that pick up on the black and white stripes in the tank. Also, it makes me fairly happy to pair unorthodox colors together, like brown and black, which the scarf also does.

Today’s lesson learned: keep remixing a difficult piece to decipher how best it looks on your shape. The first time I wore this skirt in the 30 day challenge, I despaired I’d have to wear it again. Now, my mind might be changing again! So one more try, I think, and I’ll have my mind made up.

Look Mom! It’s on sale!

Shirtdress: Anthropologie
Leggings: American Apparel
Sandals: J. Crew

Readers, I have such a hard time, when stating that I’ve bought things at Anthro, American Apparel, or J. Crew, not adding immediate parentheses afterwards making it VERY clear that I bought them ON SALE. SALE, I tell you! Not only does it feel so satisfying to purchase a great get on sale, but I have to add that with TWO of us in my household living on ONE non-profit salary (B is a med student, and yes, you now know that I work at a non-profit), I can’t very well afford buying things at full price. I just wanted you to KNOW this.

Now that I have that off my chest…

We have had such beautiful weather in Minneapolis this week that I almost started taking it for granted (ALMOST! Minnesotans NEVER take a beautiful day for granted!). It was still a nice enough day, but overcast and cooler, enough to make me long for one or two more heat waves before the summer ends. But this outfit was a nice way to still feel summery while giving the gams the extra warmth they needed. Lovely.

Lesson of the Day: Check to make sure my leggings are pulled down to the same length before taking photos. Check photos before ending photoshoot. (For pity’s sake!).