smiles with teeth

Top: ModCloth
Pants: Gap Outlet
Shoes: Shoegasm

My friend L recently commented that she liked this new blogging endeavor of mine, but that she wanted to see me smile. WITH TEETH!, she specified. So L, here you are, my white shinies just for you. I will try to smile more in future posts, though I can’t always promise it’ll happen. Style blogging is a hard life, my friends… it’s awkward enough taking photos in alleys and hoping no one sees you. But having to smile, too?! Well that’s almost asking too much.

Now, on to the outfit! This is the recent addition to my 30 for 30 pieces, when I realized my white button-up was an awful waste of closet space. And boy, did I ever trade up! This blue piece is flowy, soft, comfortable, bright, and most importantly, DOES NOT STRETCH AT THE BUST. Hallelujah!

Today’s lesson learned: Smiling makes you pretty. Must smile more. (Thanks L!)


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