Long hair, long dress

Dress: Buffalo Exchange * Cardi: Old Navy, Swapped * Shoes: UO *
Belt: J. Crew * Necklace: Cocoquette via Cliche

So ever since Jane on Happy Endings debuted bold, thick stripes with taupe as the alternate color (examples 1, 2, 3), I’ve been coveting the look for myself. So when I found this dress at Buffalo Exchange in Minneapolis I scooped it up like ain’t no thang. Which is wasn’t. Because it was a steal! Yesssss. Now I just need to find a shirt, too–anyone know where I can get one which is not $243?


Super Cincher

Tee: Heartbreakers
Jeans: Gap
Scarf: Swapped
Belt: Picky Girl
Shoes: UO
Blazer: Swapped

This post is like Superwoman, but instead of saving humans, I’m saving WAISTS, my friends! Just call me the Super Cincher–and check out the waist-to-hip proportion on this outfit!

Actually, in all seriousness, my vision for this outfit did not pan out into real life. What I imagined was something simple and monochrome: navy and grey with a cinched waist and scrunchy scarf. What I lived in real life was a scrunchy blazer! I think the key to making this outfit work next time would be a skinnier belt not cinched quite so tight. This one is elastic and wide, making it rather right. and I have such a dramatic waist that perhaps I don’t need such a dramatic belt. Your thoughts, dear readers?

Also, ANNOUNCEMENT! My next guest fashion post will be one of my besties, Morgan, here to talk about MEN’S fashion. (Ya hear that, gents? This blog is not only for the ladies!) And PS, Mo is a personal shopper at J. Crew. So stay-freaking-tuned.

Transitional wear

Dress: J. Crew
Cardi: Gap
Scarf: Swapped
Boots: Corso Como
Tights: I don’t remember
Belt: ModCloth

Friends, we are closing in on the end of the 30-for-30 remix! This is outfit #27, and as I write this post, I am wearing the final outfit of the challenge. Tomorrow I can begin to dive back into my regular closet again, and with a whole new season on the horizon, one can imagine that I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. But I’m getting ahead of myself!

When Mandi and I started this challenge, we were still in the depths of summer, as demonstrated by the last time I wore this dress. It is such a summery dress–the material so light, the color so bright–that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to transition it very well when cooler temperatures showed up on the weather forecast. But despite its challenges, I like this outfit a lot, and (today’s lesson learned:) it shows how easy it can be to fashion a fall outfit out of even the flimsiest summer sundress. Add tights, a cardigan, scarf, and boots, and BADABING. You are ready for September, my friends.

PS – These pictures were taken on the rooftop balcony of moto-i , the first sake brewery outside of Japan. They also have some pretty bangin sushi. So if you’re ever in Minneapolis…

Blazing humidity

Top: Heartbreaker*
Bottoms: Gap Outlet
Blazer and Scarf: J. Crew
Shoes: Shoegasm

When I originally dreamed up this outfit, it was with my boots and my hair down, but today is one of those funny late summer days where even though the weather is cool, the humidity just hasn’t given up yet. I thought this ensemble would be weather-appropriate with a lighter shoe, without the jacket, and with my hair up, but as it turns out, within five minutes of stepping outside I was already sweating. I’ll be changing into my shorts and out of the blazer, thank-you-very-much… but that’s for another post.

Also, post 30 day remix, I want to wear this outfit with red pumps (these beauties are on my wish list), red lipstick, and my red coral necklace. Just sayin’.

Today’s lesson learned: I’m realizing how much I’m favoring simple, easy outfits with flattering lines–I can’t believe I almost didn’t include a white tee in my thirty items (can you believe it?!) but it’s turning out to be extremely versatile–and thank goodness! Because enough other items have had the shelf life of about one day.

*Yes, I swapped out one white tee for an almost-identical other white tee. Didn’t I tell you I haven’t done laundry in a long time? And if they look almost the same, it doesn’t count, right?

Swapping gold for cognac

Dress and Belt: Gap
Necklace and Blazer: J. Crew
Bag and Sandals: Thrifted
Earrings: Anthropologie

Last night Mandi and I went for a little walk at the lake (I’ll be sharing photos with you later today!) for our “photoshoot”. Are you all aware that Minneapolis is the “City of Lakes”? Summers here are so fleeting and so lovely, and with over 20 lakes, Minneapolitans really get out on summer evenings. It’s already returned to the 70s and cool at night, with some hints of fall around the edges in late summer. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m starting to crave chunky wool sweaters, mugs of hot apple cider, and crunchy leaves on the ground.

Such idyllic weather is very much what allows me to wear a blazer in mid-August and not even break a sweat! The blazer is new, a gift for my birthday, and I love how the cuffs roll up and feel a little more casual. I tried to play off the gold buttons and accent with gold accessories… were I to remix this outfit, though, I might rid it of the gold accents and switch it to a cognac belt instead, skip the necklace, and wear my boots. Choices, choices!

Today’s lesson learned: an evening walk with a good friend makes awkward public photoshooting SO MUCH MORE BEARABLE.


 Tank: J. Crew
Cardi: Gap Outlet
Jeans: Gap Outlet
Boots: Shoegasm
Necklace: Street vendor in Hong Kong

Now that I have made such a big hubbub about the glasses I just bought, I have a few days to showcase the frames that will very shortly be retired. Friends, meet old Tommy Hilfiger frames. Tommy frames, meet your demise. Your days are numbered. Still, you have served me, and my vision, quite well over the years! R.I.P., my friend(s?).

Speaking of Tommy Hilfiger, my outfit yesterday was very patriotic, no? I only wish I had thought to throw on some bright orangey-red lipstick, but I do rarely wear make-up, if only because I’m supremely lazy.

Lesson learned today: what I think will be an awesome outfit is not always awesome; what I think will be boring will sometimes be amazing! Pulling out this outfit from the closet yesterday morning I felt quite uninspired, as opposed to the pink panther or even summer scallops. But this is my favorite so far, in pictures. I’m eager to learn more about what looks good on me and my body through the camera–not only in my head.