Plaid + posies

Top (plaid): J. Crew
Scarf: UO
Blazer: Thrifted?
Jeans: Swapped with a friend
Flats: Boden

 I don’t actually know if the flowers in this scarf are posies, but I DO know that I like alliteration–so good enough for me! This is a fun pattern play today, happening almost by accident as I ran out the door on a chilly October morning; I like how the blues and purples in the patterns play off each other. Paired with a smart wool blazer, my flares, and a pair of flat loafers, I was happy with my choice for a casually comfy office outfit–good for a Friday in October! Happy weekend!


Floral ease

Top: Thrifted
Pants: Gap Outlet
Shoes: J. Crew
Necklace: Swapped

 Behold the ease of a simple outfit! It’s a strange thing to say, but at the end of this 30-for-30 remix challenge, I’ve been finding it easier to create a flattering, well-balanced outfit than at the beginning. In fact, I’ve finished remixing (I’m a few days behind in posting than in wearing), but I still have a number of leftover outfits in my brain! I guess you just have to make it over the hump, right?

So throwing on this outfit was something I might have considered unflattering for some reason before the challenge, but which by now, I am happy to wear it. The colors are bright and happy, pulled out by the red necklace and yellow shoes. I think it worked better to pair with brighter accessories than bright pants, don’t you?

Today’s lesson learned: Slow and steady wins the race! Persistance is awesome.
PS – Thanks to my friend Rachel for taking pictures!


Pink panther

Top: Thrifted
Pink Pants: J. Crew, 10+ years old. (Seriously).
Shoes: Shoegasm

I have been THIS CLOSE to throwing out (i.e., donating) these pink pants so many times over the years. Since my mom bought them for me in high school, they’ve had their moments of fitting better and worse. I can’t quite decide what to think of the length, and whenever I wear them (even when they’re ironed) the back pockets flip up like it’s going out of style. (Don’t worry, I edited that out for ya. I know nobody wants to see any flippy pockets! ;))

Then I saw Kendi’s version of pink skimmers and was inspired! Into the 30 for 30 challenge clothes heap they went. What do you think? Yea or Nay?

By the way, one very important lesson I have thus far taken away from this style blog experiment: God Bless Photoshop. How do all these women (and men, I might add!) look SO put together, so adorable, and so photogenic every damn day? Lest you wonder, my friends: style blogging is hard work. I practically broke a sweat taking and editing all these pictures.