Say no to the pants

Top: ModCloth
Pants: J. Crew
Sandals: J. Crew
Necklace: Picky Girl

Okay, that’s it, these pants are going on gone.

I love the color–and that’s encouraged me to keep hanging on to them for over ten years (ten years!!!)–but the fit, the length, and the back flippy-pockets (which you can’t see) have tipped me over the edge from indecision. Being able to see myself in full-length photos helped me to finally make this decision. They’re tight in the wrong places, loose in other place, and while they’re cropped, they stop at the wrong point on my leg. But never fear! I will doubtless be adding colorful corduroys or jeans to my shopping list for fall!

Anyway, about the outfit. I thought it would be fun to pair two bright colors with a funky necklace, and I was right! The color combination is fun and playful, and I think the necklace adds some extra kick. But the style of the pants is a little too preppy for the look, and clearly I’m not psyched about the fit. Still, I like the idea–I’ll be trying again with a look like this before fall ends.

Today’s lesson learned: It’s okay to take risks! And also, it’s okay to part with a piece of clothing that’s been in my closet for so long. These pants have accompanied me since my sophomore year of high school–1999!–and there’s some nostalgia that unquestionably goes along with tossing out one of the oldest items in my closet. But no more. We’ve had a good run, pink pants! Hopefully you will live on happily in someone else’s closet.



 Tank: J. Crew
Cardi: Gap Outlet
Jeans: Gap Outlet
Boots: Shoegasm
Necklace: Street vendor in Hong Kong

Now that I have made such a big hubbub about the glasses I just bought, I have a few days to showcase the frames that will very shortly be retired. Friends, meet old Tommy Hilfiger frames. Tommy frames, meet your demise. Your days are numbered. Still, you have served me, and my vision, quite well over the years! R.I.P., my friend(s?).

Speaking of Tommy Hilfiger, my outfit yesterday was very patriotic, no? I only wish I had thought to throw on some bright orangey-red lipstick, but I do rarely wear make-up, if only because I’m supremely lazy.

Lesson learned today: what I think will be an awesome outfit is not always awesome; what I think will be boring will sometimes be amazing! Pulling out this outfit from the closet yesterday morning I felt quite uninspired, as opposed to the pink panther or even summer scallops. But this is my favorite so far, in pictures. I’m eager to learn more about what looks good on me and my body through the camera–not only in my head.