Out of season

Okay, okay, now that spring is coming here, it’s time I posted some of those backlogged outfit pics I never posted from that 30-for-30 I never did. You forgive me, right?

I had such high hopes for a fashion blog from the depths of a snowy Minnesota winter, but my plan was foiled in two ways: 1) I am lazy, and 2) winter skipped Minne this year. So I have a few more to share… and then we’ll move on to more seasonal posts in (hopefully) real time.

PS – This is a glasses-less post for the curious among you. What do you think?


Adventures in Thriftland

Dress: Thrifted (vintage?)
Tights: Target
Belt: Target
Shoes: Thrifted

From Al: You all remember Rachel, right? Well, since my life is getting more and more busy–and because she just so durn cute!–you might be hearing more from Rachel and other friends around here. If you’re interested in contributing to this little fashion blog–give me a holler.

Rachel says: I found this dress the same day that Alison found her beautiful bright red dress (how fabulous does she look in it, right?). On the hanger, I thought it looked like a horrible polyester mess from the the early 80’s, but when I tried it on I was converted.While I still think the pattern is a bit 80’s crazy, the jewel tone blues and purples are some of my favorites wear, and the fit is almost perfect, which is one of my favorite things about vintage clothing. What a novel concept for fit to be considered in garment construction.

This pair of shoes is one of my favorites (found on my first thrifting trip with Alison), but they are ripping at the seams. For awhile I refused to wear them in an attempt at preservation, but eventually I decided that if the inevitable end is in sight, I’m going to wear them out with flair!

Now as much as I like this dress (and vintage dresses in general), I sometime wonder how wearable the style is for regular life. I have been debating hemming this dress a couple inches and perhaps altering the neckline a bit. What do you think, to hem or not to hem?

Simple pleasures

Dress: Anthropologie
Sunglasses: A boutique in Durango, CO
Necklace: Swapped*
Shoes: Shoegasm

Inspired by how the color of my newly-swapped necklace matches so perfectly the dress I wore to a Colorado wedding, I decided to style this dress about as simply as possible. I tossed on my nude (to me) pumps, tied a low bun at my neck, donned a simple matching necklace, and I was ready to let the dress do the talking. I’m glad I did–in fact, I almost wish I had simpler (or no) sunglasses to keep them from adding too much to the outfit.

Today’s lesson learned: Sometimes keeping our accessories sparse is just the right accessory.

*I got this necklace in a clothing swap! Some friends all got together, brought clothing and accessories we no longer wanted, and took turns picking items. What was left over we donated. We had fun getting together and got some cute new stuff out of it, too!



What I wore to a Minnesota wedding

Remember the bachelorette party that Mandi and I went to a few weeks back? Well, bachelorette our friend is no longer–she was wed this past weekend! Appropriately, Mandi and I followed up with some pictures of our outfits. Thanks to B for taking the pics!

Dress: Anthropologie
Boots: Corso Como
Belt: ModCloth

And PS – I know the dress looks white, but it was actually pink, and I had a yellow cardigan at the ceremony! I know not to wear I white dress to a wedding! 😉

Reigning in the empire

Dress: J. Crew, 3 years old
Scarf: Fair Trade Artisan scarf, artist unknown
Belt: J. Crew
Boots: Shoegasm

And just like that, one of my favorite dresses walked into the ring.

I. LOVE. THIS. DRESS. It’s a little ridiculous because it’s just a simple cotton dress, sleeveless with shirred empire-waisting. It was one of the cheapest things I could buy at J. Crew (yes, ON SALE!) as a grad student three years ago, but I bought it, and thank god. It’s super bright (how can you NOT smile while wearing something this bright?), super light, and I can probably only wear it for about three more weeks until the summer plummets away into crisp temps and dry leaves.

It also follows one of my favorite rules for cute dresses: it’s the easiest outfit ever! Just throw it on and go. Bada boom.

Today’s lesson learned: Don’t be afraid of cinching an empire waist. I worried it would look awkward, but am happy with the result of this outfit. Have you ever belted a dress with an empire waist?

summer scallops

Dress: a gift, two years ago
Boots: Shoegasm, NYC
Bag: Thrifted
Glasses: Warby Parker Sinclair

And it begins with summer scallops! This dress is one of my go-to favorites, always so pretty and so easy. One hour before taking this picture, I was mowing the lawn. But don’t I look so breezy in these photos? It’s all thanks to the dress, my friends.

The scallops are also thanks to some inspiration from The Other Emily‘s scallop shorts. I desperately want to make a pair, but wasn’t able to in time for my and Mandi‘s 30 day challenge–and who knows how warm Minnesota will be once these 30 days are up? So the shorts may have to wait until next year–but until then, at least I still have the dress!

And finally, still jonesing on my big decision, I decided to wear my glasses one last time before sending this (sample) pair back to Warby Parker. The new (prescription) pair should arrive in about ten days!

PS – Don’t you just love dresses with pockets?!