The best purple of all

From Al: I saw these photos on Alison‘s flickr stream and fell in LOVE with the colors and the outfit. It was time for another update! Welcome back, Alison!

Dress: ModCloth (
Tights: Eddie Bauer outlet
Scarf: gift from my grandma
Long sleeved shirt: Penney’s. About a decade ago.
Boots: Famous Footwear

Jeez, give a girl a shining moment on a style blog and it goes directly to her head! She does a crazy thing like going out to buy tights. Tights, I tell you, with the intention of making my summer dresses push into the colder temperatures. With the intention of pairing them with boots. With the intention of creating outfits. Holy hannah.


I’m a 365er and I’m in my second year. So, what that means, sans code, is that since January 2010 I have taken at least one photo a day. It’s a lot of photos. (To be completely honest, I took Jan-Mar 2011 off because I wasn’t sure I wanted to head into year two, but I missed it, and missed it bad. So technically year two is running from April through the end of March. More than you cared to know, I’m sure.) I don’t do a whole lot of self portraits because they always feel so self indulgent, so me-focused, so awkward. But with this infinitely thought out outfit and the courage from some dear online friends across the globe, I headed over to the bike path near our home, set up the tripod, and took to snapping. I do really love this dress, and an excuse to push it past August is well worth a day in tights for me.




The big number 30

Top: Target
Skirt: Thrifted
Belt: ModCloth
Boots: Corso Como
Tights: I never remember wear I bought my tights!
Scarf: A street vendor in Otavalo, Ecuador

 Huzzah, I finally figured this skirt out! For weeks I’ve been saying I’m not sure, it’s not quite right, I don’t love it… and the magic with this skirt was just to pair it with a fitted top. Remember when I wore it this first time? It just wasn’t right, but (today’s lesson learned) it was actually really fun to fiddle around with different options and finally come up with something I like! So unlike my pink pants, which was the other questionable item of my 30-for-30 challenge, I’ll definitely be holding on to this skirt a little while longer… with my added knowledge of how to style it very much intact.

Speaking of the challenge, this is my VERY LAST OUTFIT of the challenge! Go back and count ’em, I dare you. Okay, don’t. But I do have some thoughts and reflections on what I’ve learned, and am going to be doing a round up post of the entire challenge very soon. Also, while my posts might be slowing down, I’ll still be posting outfits, so don’t go away! And PS… I think Mandi and I will be doing another 30-day challenge in a few months. Wahoo!

Shirtdress revisited

Dress: Anthropologie
Tights: (I can’t remember!)
Belt: ModCloth
Boots: Corso Como

The last time I wore this dress, I thought perhaps the leggings were a little too dark, so when I remixed it this time around, I wore my grey tights instead of the darker leggings. I have to say, I think the switch is a positive one. It’s been getting cooler here in Minneapolis, with a nip of fall in the air,  so adding boots and a matching belt felt like a natural step to transition this dress from summer to fall. Had it been just a touch cooler, I would have added my navy cardigan for warmth–or maybe just a chunky wool scarf? Something in me still doesn’t quite want to cover my arms.

Either way, I like the shirtdress better this time around. Hooray! Does this mean I’m learning?! It doesn’t look like an entirely different dress, but I do feel like it looks more intentional somehow, as if I actually thought about what I was going to wear, rather than just putting on whatever I grabbed from my closet (which is what I used to do before this blog). Thus, today’s lesson learned: being thoughtful about what I’m wearing, even just making a few small changes, can entirely change the look and feel of just one article of clothing.