Pink, coral, and red

Top: J. Crew
Pants: J. Crew (!)
Flats: J. Crew (!!)
Necklace: Borrowed from Mandi

 Well, it was a J. Crew kind of day, and apparently I collect J. Crew in red hues! Obviously when I put this outfit together I knew I was pairing red and coral and pink, but it didn’t occur to me I’d be brand-naming it for a day… whoops. It doesn’t quite come with the same joy of an all-thrifted or all-self-made outfit, but on the other hand, can a girl really complain when she’s all decked out in J. Crew? I think not.

Adding this necklace was a last-minute kind of over-the-top addition to this outfit, but in retrospect, I think it’s what pulled it together. It encourages the combination of clashing colors to actually look intentional, and making the top a happy medium between the pants and the necklace.

Today’s lesson learned: To some extent, this is an “end-of-30-day-challenge-throw-something-on” outfit, but I found myself not as uncomfortable with all the clashing as I’d expected. So I wouldn’t be surprised if I try to pull something off like this again, this time in real life. (Though I’m not sure my boyfriend would approve! Oh well!)



Flexible shorts

Shorts: Thrifted
Red  flowered tank: J. Crew
Black and white striped tank: Thrifted
Boots: Corso Como
Flats: J. Crew

There are certain pieces that we wear over and over and over again, and these shorts have become my go-to comfortable weekend wear, just cycling different tees and tanks in and out of rotation. Maybe I’m getting lazy, but certain pieces have found their ways to the back of my closet, and others (like these shorts) have been resurfacing much more frequently in this 30 for 30 challenge.

So this is a doubled-up post, with two similar outfits that I wore pretty much back-to-back last week when I was on vacation. There are even a few more coming down the pike with these shorts, but I’ll share them with you in a more measured way. 🙂

Curious about past ways I’ve worn these shorts? See one, two, and three.