Bombs and busts

Top: J. Crew, thrifted
Pants: J. Crew, 10 years old
Belt: ModCloth
Sandals: J. Crew

Readers, let us take a moment to consider the unfortunate pairing of larger busts with button-up blouses. Yesterday as I was putting together this outfit, I originally paired it with my white button-up.

The culprit in question

Typically with this shirt I have to practically strap down my bust, wearing a constraining bra in order not to have a large gap that allows the world a glimpse into my inner cleavaged world. That particular bra was in the wash, so I selected another and decided to go for it.

My morning, predictably, was characterized by awkward tugging, shrugging, and attempts at closing the gap with tape and pins. Nothing worked. So over lunch I went home, changed into this pink top, and while it is not free from a little pull in the front either, I ultimately felt much more comfortable.

New true blue

All this tugging and discomfort led me to an awkward realization. One of my items in the 30 for 30 challenge is ill-fitting and, worse, inappropriate for me to wear to work. So I am doing to responsible thing. I am THROWING OUT (donating!) the top in question and replacing it with a different one. I hadn’t worn my white button-up yet in the 30 for 30 challenge, and I’m replacing it with a blue button-up, shown here to the left.

Today’s lesson learned: This is all is part of living life one hourglass at a time, my friends. Our bodies all differ from one another, and sometimes, well, we full-chested women may have to choose larger-sized button-ups than we normally wear in order to not bomb out and display our busts to the entire world.

Are button-ups a bomb for you, too?


2 thoughts on “Bombs and busts

  1. i wish you’d just smiiiiiiile. with teeth!

    anyway. would you like some cheeeeeeese with that whine? (a message from your flat-chested friend)

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