Men’s fashion with Morgan

From Al: I’m loving this friend-blogging thing, and today I’m so thrilled to introduce one of my besties, Morgan! As a personal shopper at J. Crew, I feel so flattered that he’s decided to grace my blog with his presence, and share how he’s accessorizing his wardrobe with custom accessories. Take it away, Mo!

From Morgan: First, hi! I’m in the same boat as the previous two guest bloggers on Al’s blog, Alison and Rachel. I never thought I’d be writing a post for a style blog. Same deal with the lurking around other people’s style blogs, though, too, so. My interest in style is pretty recent, but I’d like to think I’ve gotten a pretty good handle on the basics.

Which brings me to the subject of my post: how us regular guys can go about jazzing up our menswear. Here’s how it goes. You learn the fundamentals. Belt and shoes match? Yup. Shirt and tie work together? Sure. Throw on a blazer, and BLAM, you’re put together and people will start telling you how much more, I dunno, put together you look these days.

This recipe is basic, though—the mac and cheese of menswear—and sooner or later you start thinking about how to add to it. But the problem is how to add to your look (I guess we can say accessorize, even though I don’t want to) without coming off as a foppish dandy. We’re supposed to look stylish and classy without looking affected and false. Pocket squares are a possibility, as are things like scarves and bracelets. But there are such better options! Here’s one.

 A few months ago I rummaged through a box of trinkets and found an old key my grandfather had given me years back. He was a civil engineer, and at one point he worked on the huge crawlers that moved Apollo rocket components around the Kennedy Space Center. The key he gave me went to some long-obsolete part of one of the crawlers. What it opened is a mystery now, but when I found the key I had an idea. I looked up a quirky local jeweler and had him fashion the key into a tie bar for me. It took a day, and about thirty bucks. Cheaper than most tie bars you’ll find out there! And more importantly, it’s not just a key anymore, or a tie bar—it’s a story.

Boots: stolen from my dad, who stole them from his dad
Jeans: J. Crew, by way of Mr. Porter
Shirt/tie: J. Crew
Belt: J. Crew Factory Store

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