My version of a Foxy Halloween

Socks, Dress, and Cardigan: Savers
Shoes: Boden
Masks: Made by ME!

Happy Halloween, everyone! Brian and I, for the past few years, have been living out our favorite children’s books in costume form. This year we were Mr. and Mrs. Fox from Fantastic Mr Fox (both a book by Roald Dahl and reprised in a recent movie by Wes Anderson)! While it was fun finding the actual outfits (Brian’s from his closet, mine from Savers), the best was making the masks. It was lots of fun, even if it did take me three hours!

Lots of women dress up all foxy-like for their big night out on Halloween. Now I guess I can add my name to that list… but, of course, in a much more literal sense of the word. 😉

This year we went to Madison, WI for Halloween to visit and meet up with good friends. Kate and Lucas went all out in decorating their home and yard, and hosted us and a number of other friends at a party on Saturday night. We also carved pumpkins and put the finishing touches on our costumes Saturday afternoon.
Sophie was Minnie Mouse, and Kate and Lucas were Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. All in all, a very festive weekend! Hope you’re having a great Halloween and meet lots of friendly little ghouls and ghosts tonight!

6 thoughts on “My version of a Foxy Halloween

  1. Oh my God, Sophie, I LOVE how into the costume pictures you are … You are the cutest little Minnie I’ve ever seen! Great costumes all around!

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