Cat confessions

Dress: Via’s Vintage
Tights: ?
Oxfords: Thrifted

I’ve decided I need about 30 more of these dresses. So simple, so flattering, appropriate for work, but visually interesting and a little off-the-beaten-path (at least for folks I encounter in my daily life).

And, you can coordinate them to the colors of the seasons! Won’t this be a great Halloween dress?! Perhaps with a little black shrug and creepy black-cat earrings? (Yes, I am a cat lady. It’s true. Y’all might as well prepare yourself to see some cat pictures on this blog sooner or later, because it’s going to happen.)


3 thoughts on “Cat confessions

    • If only I HAD black cat earrings! Others that would work: witch hat earrings, beetle earrings, spider earrings… just more items on the list of things to thrift! Maybe I’ll find some at the rummage sale Saturday! 😉 Excited to hang out with you!

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