Pink, coral, and red

Top: J. Crew
Pants: J. Crew (!)
Flats: J. Crew (!!)
Necklace: Borrowed from Mandi

 Well, it was a J. Crew kind of day, and apparently I collect J. Crew in red hues! Obviously when I put this outfit together I knew I was pairing red and coral and pink, but it didn’t occur to me I’d be brand-naming it for a day… whoops. It doesn’t quite come with the same joy of an all-thrifted or all-self-made outfit, but on the other hand, can a girl really complain when she’s all decked out in J. Crew? I think not.

Adding this necklace was a last-minute kind of over-the-top addition to this outfit, but in retrospect, I think it’s what pulled it together. It encourages the combination of clashing colors to actually look intentional, and making the top a happy medium between the pants and the necklace.

Today’s lesson learned: To some extent, this is an “end-of-30-day-challenge-throw-something-on” outfit, but I found myself not as uncomfortable with all the clashing as I’d expected. So I wouldn’t be surprised if I try to pull something off like this again, this time in real life. (Though I’m not sure my boyfriend would approve! Oh well!)



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