I went camping and forgot my camera

Top: Heartbreakers
Shorts: Thrifted
Cardigan: Gap
Flats: J. Crew
Scarf: Borrowed from Mandi

Last Friday, immediately after posting this outfit, I changed into shorts and in a mere matter of hours, was in the middle of Minnesota wilderness! Alright, perhaps not wilderness, but as I, Mandi, and Erin hiked through the forest (I changed shoes), we certainly broke a sweat, swatted mosquitos, and cooked not one but TWO full meals over the campfire. Friends, this is roughing it. Erin even got attacked by a wild parsnip!!!!

I “forgot” to bring my camera (which is why I am posing NOT in front of a tent) and I think it was for the best. I may be willing to share with you folks what I wear every day, but it’s going to be on my terms, dammit! So although you will see the outfit in which I went camping, you will not see me sweaty, dirty, itchy, and generally shower-less. Once we are friends, we can go camping together, but only if you promise not to bring a camera.

Today’s lesson learned: For those of you interested in camping chic, a headscarf in the woods is a freaking godsend. Not only a playful accessory, it also kept mosquitos out of my ears and sweat out of my eyes. Thank you, dear headscarf!


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