Brown and black

Top and Skirt: Thrifted
Scarf (as belt): was my mom’s!
Shoes: Shoegasm

Well, here is my third attempt at this skirt–what do you think? Last time I wore it I promised you all (and myself) that I would pair it with a more-fitted top. I do like it better this way, although I think the top could stand to not even be as loose as this one is. Part of the problem, I must confess, is my dwindling amount of clean clothing…

I’m fairly proud of the scarf-as-belt in this outfit. You can’t tell so well here, but there are black and white stripes in the scarf that pick up on the black and white stripes in the tank. Also, it makes me fairly happy to pair unorthodox colors together, like brown and black, which the scarf also does.

Today’s lesson learned: keep remixing a difficult piece to decipher how best it looks on your shape. The first time I wore this skirt in the 30 day challenge, I despaired I’d have to wear it again. Now, my mind might be changing again! So one more try, I think, and I’ll have my mind made up.


1 thought on “Brown and black

  1. YES. Love this outfit. The scarf belt, the stripes, the utterly badass wall. It’s all so good! And it totally reminds me of fellow blogger, lovely gal, and my former roomie, Emily of Sartoriography…she wears this kind of thing all the time in the summer months!

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