Within the fish’s belly

Dress: Gifted
Cardi: Gap Outlet
Scarf (doubling as belt) and shoes: J. Crew

This past weekend my friend Alison and I headed down to Hot Sam’s Antiques with a Twin Cities Photography group to take some photos and generally hang out. Alison (we even spell our names the same way!) was kind enough to snap some of my outfit posts, since Mandi and I have been having some trouble coordinating schedules, and we got to take some fun photos with the circus-y antiqued theme, in an old Volkswagon Beetle shaped like Nemo.

Remixing dresses takes a little bit of creativity, as you can see here. I wore this dress fairly simply last time (and with my trusty boots), and I don’t have many options in my 30 items to pair it with. So I tossed on my navy cardi, a scarf for a belt, and braided my hair a little for a different look.

Today’s lesson learned: Never turn down the opportunity for a photo shoot in the belly of a fish. Especially when photographer offering the shoot is very, very talented. (Thanks, Alison!)

(final photo mine)


5 thoughts on “Within the fish’s belly

  1. so cute!!!! i love this post! so happy you can find other cool people to be your photographer when i’m losing my mind! 🙂 can’t wait to catch up with our marathon shoot.

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