Appropriate for a western-themed wedding

Dress: Anthropologie
Boots: Corso Como
Belt: Herberger’s

I can’t seem to get enough of these boots lately! The are my go-to friends in sprucing up an outfit, particularly a skirt or dress, bringing an automatic chic factor. Plus they’re so dang comfortable! If I were to choose all over again, I’d probably have far fewer shoes in my 30 items, because I wear these boots about every other day!

Back to the outfit… this dress is one that I bought to preside at a friend’s wedding in Colorado earlier this summer. I wanted something that would be appropriately Western, very pretty, and that seemed somehow fitting for the officiant at a wedding. This dress really worked! I love the color, too. If you like, you can see pictures from the wedding at my Flickr stream.

Today’s lesson learned: I’ve having some belt problems here. I added the belt as a nice complement to the boots, but I spent most of the day tugging at it, since it’s cinched tighter than the holes available at my natural waist. I like the contrast of the pretty scallops on the dress to the roughness of the leather, but I don’t like that it’s sagging a little. I wonder if the contrast isn’t worth the problem of looking sloppy. Okay, another item for my “to-be-thrifted” list: a wide belt that can be cinched at the waist! (Sigh.)


2 thoughts on “Appropriate for a western-themed wedding

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