Grin and bear it

Top: Thrifted
Skirt: Thrifted
Belt: Vintage, was my mom’s
Shoes: Shoegasm

After week one of Mandi’s and my 30 for 30 experiment, I’m beginning to find it a little difficult to figure out what to wear to work. In general, I like both skirt and top above, but I’m not sure they work together… something about my outfit yesterday ended up feeling lackluster (even with the cinched waist!). The skirt is a little large, and the shirt has a looseness to it. Each can work when paired them with a smaller piece, but to put the two together didn’t work.

I am eager to remix both pieces, though, and see what ways I can wear each that feels better, more like me.

Today’s lesson learned: Grin and bear it! This wasn’t my favorite outfit, but I am convinced that everyone can wear almost anything with a big smile and a heap of confidence.


3 thoughts on “Grin and bear it

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