summer scallops

Dress: a gift, two years ago
Boots: Shoegasm, NYC
Bag: Thrifted
Glasses: Warby Parker Sinclair

And it begins with summer scallops! This dress is one of my go-to favorites, always so pretty and so easy. One hour before taking this picture, I was mowing the lawn. But don’t I look so breezy in these photos? It’s all thanks to the dress, my friends.

The scallops are also thanks to some inspiration from The Other Emily‘s scallop shorts. I desperately want to make a pair, but wasn’t able to in time for my and Mandi‘s 30 day challenge–and who knows how warm Minnesota will be once these 30 days are up? So the shorts may have to wait until next year–but until then, at least I still have the dress!

And finally, still jonesing on my big decision, I decided to wear my glasses one last time before sending this (sample) pair back to Warby Parker. The new (prescription) pair should arrive in about ten days!

PS – Don’t you just love dresses with pockets?!


3 thoughts on “summer scallops

  1. oh my gosh, i love the neckline on that dress! and your glasses are tres chic as well, since I’m pretty blind i certainly appreciate a great pair of specs;) oh! and thanks for stopping by clothed much and reading my guest post today! i loved your questions and wanted to let you know I’d responded to them a little bit on the disq thread (don’t mind the typos, i wrote it on my phone). good luck on the 30×30 too!!

    • How sweet are you? Thanks for your response, I appreciate your thoughts on male modesty. And I’m totally adding your adorable blog to my google reader! LOVE your goal to not spend (on yourself) in 2011… that’s quite a challenge. I have lots to learn from you…

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