the big reveal

Last week on my other blog (welcome, friends from Post!), I asked folks to weigh in on a VERY IMPORTANT LIFE DECISION: which pair of new glasses to buy!

Most people voted for the Beckett, which also emerged as my own frontrunner. They were a little boxier, suited my face well, and I even wore them to my birthday party dinner with the family. My dad said I looked like a nerd (kind of the point, right?) and gave me a little wink and a nudge in the shoulder. I think he was saying that I AM a nerd, with or without glasses. Yeah, he might be right.

Anyway, I had almost certainly decided on those lovely Becketts… until the margarita party.

At my margarita party (i.e., a birthday party in which 1. i made three different kinds of margaritas, 2. two friends made margarita cake for me (!!!), and 3. i rotated all five pairs of glasses throughout the night), many people changed their votes from Beckett to Sinclair. As I listened to what they were saying, I started to gravitate more toward the Sinclair, as well. They make me feel more like a librarian than a nerd. And that’s hot.

It was a sad day for Beckett (and a sad day for B, whose preference is still Beckett). But I have decided to purchase the Sinclair! Huzzah!

Also: a word about Warby Parker. If you’re in need of some new glasses, I’ve become a champion of theirs. Purchasing a pair of glasses (WITH prescription) is $95. Total. No tax, no shipping. You can use their home try-on program for FREE (they send you five pairs to try for five days, NO shipping fee). And when you buy a pair of glasses, they donate one to someone in need. Talk about win-win! Now go on and get your booty over there!

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