it begins

so here are the guidelines of the 30 days in 30 ways challenge (originally articulated by Kendi):
  • thirty articles of clothing, including shoes (each pair counts as one article),
  • thirty outfits made with selected clothing,
  • to be completed in thirty days.

PURPOSE: to learn that what i have is enough (damn you, consumerism!), AND to learn how to style and accessorize more creatively.

during these next thirty days, i will not allow myself to shop for clothing, or to wear other clothes in my closet (exceptions: pj’s, workout clothes, undergarments. you don’t want to see those anyway!). now to the business! here is what i will be remixing for the next thirty days:

Seven tops,

Two cardis and one blazer,Four button-ups,

Two pants, one pair of shorts,

Three skirts,

Five dresses,
Five pairs of shoes, and of course, one cat!


5 thoughts on “it begins

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